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Tiger World

Tiger World Endangered Wildlife Preserve is based in Rockwell, North Carolina. This nonprofit is focused on the rescue, rehabilitation and conservation of exotic animals. Their goal is to provide the best environment to these animals while they are in captivity while also providing a stimulating learning environment for the public to visit. The organization’s educational tours provide beneficial information on how to preserve these species and give them an up-close view of the animals running, playing and interacting with one another in a natural environment. Additionally, Tiger World relies solely on funds from donations, park admission and membership dues in order to stay in operation. They welcome the public’s support as much as possible in order to continue their good work. Visit to learn more about the organization! Tiger World and their team actively blogs about relevant topics such as how to keep your conservation clean, how to create the best environment for your animals, the different types of conservations, and popular publications to read regarding conservations! Recently, Tiger World blogged about what makes an animal endangered, something that not many people know! Tiger World is passionate about spreading positive information about animal conversation!